Triple Speak


This activity focusing on impromptu speaking and uses three random topics, which the speaker must link together to create a cohesive speech. 


This activity can be used in a novice classroom to help students gain confidence with impromptu speaking. 

Learning Outcomes

  1. Connect Disparate Topics: Seamlessly intertwine three distinct subjects in a coherent speech, showcasing the ability to find meaningful connections across diverse topics.
  2. Execute Organized Speech: Deliver a structured and organized presentation encompassing a clear introduction, well-structured reasoning, and a concise conclusion.
  3. Fluent 3-5 Minute Speech: Speak confidently and fluidly for 3 to 5 minutes, showcasing the skill to maintain audience engagement and deliver a coherent message within the specified time frame.


  1. Explain the purpose of Triple Speak is to connect three dissimilar topics into a coherent, logical, and entertaining speech. Remind students that in order to speak coherently and fluidly for 3-5 minutes they will need to elaborate on the topics and think quickly on their feet. 
  1. On the board, create three columns and have students write topics in each section. Another alternative is having student write topics on notecards and create three stations for students to place their topics. Consider the following examples when creating categories:
    1. Person – Place – Things
    2. Past – Present – Future
    3. Famous – Fictional – Personal 
    4. Serious – Funny – Thought-Provoking 
    5. Nature – Technology – Society
    6. Local – National – Global 
    7. Positive – Negative – Neutral 
    8. Art – Science – Sports
  1. Students’ grade level and ability will determine how long they will speak on each subject. Have a student walk to the front of the room and select a word for them to start with. Typically, each topic is handed (or said aloud) to the student between 45 second and 90 seconds. 
  2. Student should seamlessly transition to the next topic and make links / connections between the two topics.

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