Voices of Tomorrow Sponsorship

Empowering the Next Generation of Leaders Through Speech and Debate

Join us in our mission to foster critical thinking, effective communication, and leadership skills in schools nationwide. Our program connects local businesses with educational communities to sponsor class sets of top-tier speech and debate textbooks. Together, we can transform classrooms and cultivate leaders and the voices of tomorrow.

How Does It Work?

In short, businesses pay for students’ textbooks and receive prominent sponsor recognition on every book.

  • Step 1: Individuals at the school can identify a business as a sponsor OR a business can collaborate with the Champion Press team to identify a school in need.
  • Step 2: Businesses choose their level of sponsorship based upon the schools needs.
  • Step 3: Sponsored textbooks are delivered to the school, and sponsors receive recognition and updates on the program’s impact.

A half-page ad for the business is featured on the back cover of the book to be seen every day by the grateful students!

Why Get Involved?

For Sponsors: You’re helping a speech & debate team get the resources they need to learn key skills. The schools and students you sponsor usually cannot afford the necessary textbooks. You’re doing a good deed for your community and creating lifelong opportunities for students. In exchange, you’ll receive:
  • Prominent marketing with a large (7.5″ x 5″) ad featured on the back cover of every sponsored textbook.
  • Features in marketing content on the Champion Press website and in emails.
  • Strengthen community ties and enhance corporate social responsibility.
For Schools: You’re getting the resources you need at no cost to your team. We’ll provide flyers about the program and work with the business to print special textbooks for your team featuring their sponsorship. All you have to do is find a business interested in sponsoring (and you’d be surprised how easy that is!). By connecting with a sponsor, you’re getting:
  • Access to high-quality speech and debate resources without impacting your budget.
  • Opportunity to enrich extracurricular offerings and academic engagement.
  • Connections with local businesses to support your team, tournaments, and more!

Sponsorship Levels

Choose from the following levels to fit your business’s budget and the recipient school’s needs:

  • Bronze Level: $600 to deliver 20 textbooks to students
  • Silver Level: $1,200 to deliver 40 textbooks to students
  • Gold Level: $28/book to deliver 50+ textbooks to students

Let’s Get Started!

Businesses: Are you looking to make a difference? Click here to sponsor a school!

Schools: Are you in need of resources? Click here to get started!

Have questions? Email us at team[at]thechampionpress.com!