Champion Press

Award-winning resources to improve Speech & Debate education

Champion Press

Award-winning resources to improve
Speech & Debate

Champion Press

Innovative resources to improve
Speech & Debate education

Our Books

Breaking News: We Won an Award!

We’re excited to announce that our Public Forum Debate Flexbook recently won the Most Promising New Textbook Award from the Textbook & Academic Authors Association!

Champion’s Guide to Debate includes all of the award-winning content from our original PF book.

What Do Teachers Say?

"As a Debate 1 teacher, I've been searching for a comprehensive and engaging resource to help my students build a strong foundation in debate. I came across this textbook, and I couldn't be more thrilled with the results. The textbook's innovative approach not only teaches the essential skills and techniques but also encourages students to actively engage with the material through interactive elements."
Andrew Dolberg
Teacher in FL

About Champion Press

We founded Champion Press to make debate more accessible for students and easier for teachers to teach.

Flexbooks from Champion Press offer each student a comprehensive learning experience, covering public speaking, argumentation, refutation, research, and other core debate skills in addition to the intricacies of different debate formats.

Our team of nationally-acclaimed debate educators with 100+ years of combined classroom experience came together to improve Speech & Debate education.

Our award-winning books are already used in hundreds of schools across the country, it’s time for your classes and team to experience a new way to learn debate!

What's a Flexbook?

We call our resources Flexbooks because they’re a combination of textbook and workbook! In addition to comprehensive lessons, the books include in-text application activities to help students reinforce their speech and debate skills.

Developed by and for Teachers

Our team of writers has 100+ years of combined classroom experience teaching speech & debate.

Interactive and Useful By Design

Our innovative materials prioritize application, helping students practice their skills as they learn.

Reaching Beyond the Classroom

Our Flexbooks are just the beginning. We offer free resources for teachers and students to supplement our books.

About Us

Champion Press is a collaboration by educators from across the country to make Speech & Debate education more accessible. With our innovative Flexbooks, students can learn key skills that will last a lifetime.

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