Student Speech Self-Reflection


This self-reflection activity, designed for debate or public speaking students, focuses on the practice and review of speaking skills. The activity is particularly suitable to assign before the winter holiday break, as it provides students with an opportunity to independently practice and assess their skills while away from school. This exercise encourages self-analysis and helps students identify areas for improvement.


This activity can be used in debate or public speaking classes. It is an excellent tool for teachers who want to encourage their students to continue honing their speaking abilities during extended breaks from formal instruction.

Learning Outcomes

  • Enhanced Self-Awareness: Students will gain better awareness of their speaking style, strengths, and areas that need improvement.
  • Critical Self-Assessment: Develop the ability to critically analyze their own performance.
  • Independent Learning: Encourage the practice of independent learning and self-improvement.
  • Constructive Self-Critique: Learn to self-critique in a constructive manner, setting the foundation for continuous personal development.


  1. Recording a Speech: Each student is required to prepare and record a speech of their choosing (preferably a speech they would give in a round). This could be on a topic they have previously debated, their OO speech, an Extemp speech on a new topic, or another type of speech that will help them practice their relevant skills.

  2. Self-Reflection Process: After recording their speech, students should rewatch their performance, focusing on various aspects of their delivery and content.

  3. Answering Reflection Questions: Students should answer the following set of questions after rewatching their speech:

    • What are three strengths in your speech delivery (e.g., eye contact, gestures, vocal variety)?
    • Identify two areas where you see an opportunity for improvement (e.g., pacing, clarity, structure).
    • How did you engage with the audience (through eye contact, questions, storytelling)? Was this effective?
    • Was the structure of your speech clear and logical? How could it be improved?
    • Did you use any rhetorical devices? Were they effective in enhancing your message?
    • How confident did you appear while speaking, and what can you do to improve your confidence?
    • What aspect of your speech are you most proud of?
    • Create an action plan: Based on your self-assessment, list two to three specific goals to work on during the break.


By engaging in this self-reflection activity, students will not only maintain their speaking skills during the winter break but also gain valuable insights into their personal development as speakers. This activity serves as a bridge between teacher-led instruction and independent skill refinement, essential for continuous growth in debate and public speaking.

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