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Our Flexbooks combine traditional textbook material with hands-on, workbook-style activities for your classroom or practice. Immerse your students in an enriching learning experience that elevates debate teaching and learning.

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Accelerate Learning with Interactive Flexbooks

Debate can be intimidating for new students. Our Flexbooks offer a student-friendly approach to learning debate skills, created based on extensive experience and knowledge from nationally renowned educators. Our team relied on 100+ years of classroom debate experience to develop a roadmap that walks students through each concept and integrates numerous hands-on practice opportunities.

Our Flexbooks include lessons on:

  • Core public speaking skills
  • Basic argumentation
  • Research skills
  • Case writing
  • Refutation strategies
  • Blocks and extensions
  • Round strategies
  • Judge adaptation

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Flexbooks vs. Textbooks

When you hand your students a Flexbook, you’re not giving them long reading assignments that won’t actually teach them how to debate. You’re giving them an interactive guidebook that leads them to practice and improve their debate skills through 125+ hands-on activities.

When a student learns what claims, data, warrants, and impacts are, they’ll immediately do activities to both identify the parts of an argument and write their own. When they learn how to refute, they’ll practice with sample arguments and tutorials. When they learn how to research for cases, they’ll implement those lessons with questions about what makes a good source and their own guided research and writing.

Here’s an example:

That’s why Flexbooks are different from every other debate learning resource you’ve ever used. Flexbooks go beyond teaching concepts and focus on helping students participate in debate using what they’ve learned.

Who can use Flexbooks? 

We know that not everyone teaches debate as a class during the academic day. Our easy-to-use, comprehensive flexbooks are perfect for: 

>> Building a program to teach new debaters in after-school practices

>> Helping experienced debaters teach skills to new students 

>> Teaching debate in a classroom setting 

>> Providing a resource students can take to tournaments and use throughout the day

Why Choose Champion Press Flexbooks?

Our team at Champion Press loves debate. We’ve all experienced the transformative power of this activity, and we want to bring that same experience to more students.

Coaches across the country are using Flexbooks to make debate education more effective, and we know you’ll love using them in your classroom.Here are some answers to frequently asked questions, but please feel free to reach out to us directly at team@thechampionpress.com if you need more information.